If you don’t follow me on twitter, I released this little ditty over the weekend. I’ve spent some time with Malagash Moosilaukee, getting to know him and getting a feel for how to present him. In this rendering, I have taken the elements of how Malagash looked in the promo comic and combined him with some later images that were showing him younger and stronger. I basically turned the somewhat buff moose into a fat-fat-fatty moose. I think this suits him better, as being buff doesn’t suit this ornery personality. I dropped the kilt idea as well, he’s challenging enough for me to draw, the extra accessories just make him a lot of work. During moose hunting season however, we’ll see what attire he uses to blend in [wink]! If you click on the image it will appear full size [larger than you see here]. Make a wallpaper out of him if you wish.

On a side note, those of you who have signed up for e-mail updates, there is a glitch I am attempting to work out so that it actually begins working. You’ll know when it’s fixed, you’ll get those e-mails. I apologize for the inconvenience, it could very well be a matter of me not being as smart, as I am pretty! [smirk]