Thora Borgarhjǫrtr is famously known as the second wife of legendary viking Ragnar Lodbrok and is currently Princess of Anholt. It is said that Ragnar rescued her from a serpent that held her captive in a tower, at the request of her father. Once the serpent was slayed, Thora's father offered her to Ragnar in marriage. She bore two sons Eiríkr and Agnar, who died at the hands of Jarl Ingvar Beli in an attempt to expand his petty kingdom southward. Thora cast out Ragnar when she discovered he had bore a child with the bewitched, Princess Auslag.

"Gilling Bluff" [book #1]

Princess Thora has recently received word that her father, the Jarl Herrand, is the latest victim in a years long war with the Jarl Ingvar of Upsala. Jarl Herrand went to Upsala to seek revenge for the Jarl Ingvars involvement in the death of Thora's two sons, Eiríkr and Agnar years earlier. Jarl Ingvar now has his sights set on conquering her and to lay claim to the lands of Anholt.

Born: Götaland
Current status: Living
Father: Jarl Herrand Borgarh[King Of Anholt] [recently deceased]
Mother: Busla Bjarmaland [deceased]
Husband: Ragnar Lodbrok [divorced]
Children: Eiríkr and Agnar [deceased]
Occupation: Princess of Anholt, Queen in waiting of Upsala Götaland/Anholt
Location: Anholt, an area between the Jutalands [Denmark] and Kvenlands [Sweden] & Kattegat Sea.