Snozzi Elg is a fabled Elgen [Elk] champion Norse warrior, known as a Beserker. These beserkers are primarily reported in Icelandic literature to have fought in a trance-like fury without body armor. These champions would often go into battle without mail-coats, so the word "berserk" meant going into battle, and fully exposing their animal skins.

"Gilling Bluff" [book #1]

Snozzi Elg is an ambassador Beserker, sent from Svalzgard to protect the Princess [Thora] of Anholt. He has formed a long standing bond with Finn "Hairybreches" Hringrsson, the local blacksmith to the jarls and former brother-in-law to the Princess. After receiving word that the Jarl Herrand Borgarh of Anholt has been killed, he must prepare the village for the Jarl Ingvars [of the Upsala] attempts to invade. However, he becomes sidetracked by the magical spell cast upon Finn at the sacred well and sets off on a journey that will take him back to his origins in the lands of Svalzgard.

Born: Svalzgard in the North Way
Status: Living
Occupation: Queens Guard Beserker
Location: Anholt, an area between the Jutalands [Denmark] and Kvenlands [Sweden] & Kattegat Sea.