Gisela Fairmaiden Gautrekjortr hails from the family Gautrek, a petty Karl farming family who live up in the highlands near the fjords of the southern Götalands. Gisela's family is widely known for their suicidal tendencies and miser like behavior, due to their limited wealth. Gisela is the oldest of 4 children, she has one sister and two brothers beneath her.

Gillings Bluff [book #1]

Having overheard her father say that a wandering warrior had taken refuge on their property, Gisela comes across Finn "Hairybreches" Hringrsson asleep in the family barn. As she attempts to seduce Finn, she tells him that her father, Gustav, plans to sacrifice himself and her Mother at the Family Cliff or Gillings Bluff, come morning. Her family and ancestors have been jumping to their death, to avoid poverty, overpopulation of the farm and starvation, by cutting down the size of the family as needed. They would also jump off the cliff to avoid old age and even minor illness. It is believed among these farmers that their death over the cliff would earn them a place in Valhalla with their god Odin.

Born: Götaland
Current status: Living
Father: Gustav "SkinFlint" Gautrek] [Living]
Mother: Totra Gillingjortr Gautrek [Living]
Siblings: Fjotra, Imsigull and Gilling [Living]
Husband: None [Single, not yet a spinster]
Children: None
Occupation: Fairmaiden to the karl farmer Gustav, of the southern Scandinavian peninsula
Location: Outside of Anholt, an area between the Jutalands [Denmark] and Kvenlands [Sweden] & Kattegat Sea.