Finn "Hairybreches" Hringrsson is the fabled half brother of the legendary Ragnar (Lodbrok) Hringrsson. They are both believed to be fathered by the great Sigurd Hringr, a legendary Swedish King mentioned in many of the old Scandinavian sagas. Unlike his famous father and brother, Finn chose a more simple life, as a blacksmith to the allied Jarls of the Kvenlands and Jutalands. However, when one is tied to such legendary figures, one cannot escape the fates and prophecies of their bloodline.

"Gilling Bluff" [book #1]

While on a journey to find food on a cold winters night, Finn is thrust into the prophecy of the bear and the sacred well, which has bestowed the gift of eternal fire to him by one of the magical protectors of the well, Munnin. It is this gift, or curse as Finn see's it, that sends him on epic journey that he wished had not befallen him.

Born: Upsala Knevlands
Father: Sigurd Hringr [Petty King] [deceased]
Siblings: Half Brother Ragnar [King of Jutalands] [living]
Mother: Unknown Persian Slave
Current status: Living
Occupation: Blacksmith
Location: Anholt, an area between the Jutalands [Denmark] and Kvenlands [Sweden] & Kattegat Sea.