I have a laundry list of things I want to go through regarding the comic, as we wind down chapter one, which will be coming to close around the same time you’ll be gorging on Turkey! [gobble]

As you’ll see below, some updated looks are being sported by the main cast, they are still preliminary, but for the most part, this is how they’ll likely look going into chapter 2. Moose has hooves now, gone are those piggy toes many have pointed out to me as something a Moose just doesn’t have. We’ll just ignore the fact he speaks to humans and has opposable thumbs [cough]. Domino and Tula’s adjustments were minor, hair and eyes mostly, while Hodge got a bit more refinement in hair, eyes, glasses, goatee etc. The biggest change to them really, comes in removing the Charlie Chaplin eyebrows and opening up their faces more. Still trying to tone down the muscular look, for a more cartoony body design, but since the switch to digital drawing, for whatever reason, it has been a slow goal to achieve!

I’m having an issue trying to decide how to deal with comments once a chapter becomes downloadable only, making an online archive unneeded and eventually deleted. If I continue publishing weekly and leave the site open to comments, will readers and creative peers be offended when I delete out all their interactions once I  move a completed archive [chapter] from online availability? The only real way to alleviate this issue, is to move to an “all at once” publishing concept that allows for downloading and no archived online pages to surf through. Any comments could simply be left to the chapters blog announcement, maybe? I’m rambling… this is just something I haven’t wrapped my head around effectively and I’m unaware of other creators who may have already implemented something like this, so I can review it for consideration for my own needs. That is, unless you know of an example and can point me towards it? I may leave chapter one in place, comments and all, so as to have a sample of comics, but will close off future comments to these archives. As I said [blah-blah]… I have no idea what I want to do here, that’s a reasonable solution.

I have been considering offering 3 full chapters per year in March, June and September, in full, so I could tell a complete story and offer it to you for immediate access and download, to read offline. I haven’t committed to this idea, but it is something that I’ve been considering for some time. Rather than worry about a week to week update schedule, I just have to aim  for completed story, three times a year, on the 15th of that month.

Lastly, remember that promotional T-shirt I had been promoting earlier in the year? I see that resurfacing now that I’m confident that the name of the comic and the Moose himself, are as ready as they can be for promotional usage.

I’m also pondering expanding my social media presence with the comic, but I’m unsure what other social media entity compliments my style of behavior, twitter and I really get along, we get each other, Facebook and Google plus… I just don’t see the appeal. Maybe I just need a social media guru to entice me.