… but be aware your social media imprint can be compromised when doing it. I’m going to skip the political details of this issue, but on a recent exchange with others on twitter regarding candidates for office in my state, I chose to express hodge-on-stoolmyself. Doing so got testy at times, but that’s not an issue for me, I enjoy spirited conflict [smirk]. It was when I awoke the next morning and found my twitter account had been compromised and attached to an extremist website that was spewing right-wing libertarian ideology against the candidate I was supporting in conversation the night before, making it look as though I endorsed it.  It was so far removed from rational, intellectual thought, even conservative republicans would cringe. It wasn’t just once, but I came to learn a total of five articles. Why this was done would be obvious and not needed for this discussion, it’s the fact there is a limited amount of control I or you have over our social media imprint is what is more disturbing. I had to file an impersonation query with twitter, which is still being worked on. All the articles I was attached to are now gone and the websites linking me to them have had their political feeds removed. However, the parent site that hosts one of them and the twitter user(s) who connected me to these articles have yet to be discontinued. They will be, I won’t allow anything less.

Twitter offers you little protections and when someone compromises or impersonates, or revises your tweets, you have to the leg work to get it rectified. Twitter has helped me, but had I not had the fortitude to follow through on my own in certain area’s, my social media imprint would continue being attached to things that I find personally offensive and in this case, any rational mind would find offensive. People have an ability to finesse your social media presence online if they choose to do so, even steal it if they desire. I have no issues with twitter itself regarding what has happened, but I do, will and expect any social media entity I use to ensure that when someone attempts to compromise me, they do their do diligence, while I do mine.

It’s unlikely I’ll engage in political discussions via social media, ever again. Obviously, its to easy to alter ones imprint should someone want to. This is the world we live in. Enjoy! [wink]