Now that the first chapter Of Moose And Men has wrapped and it goes on a break until mid-winter, it’s time to reflect on the comics progression from beginning to end. When it first launched in early March, it was a tad bumpy due to the naming snafu’s I had created by not, you know, digging deep enough to ensure the name I picked wasn’t already in play. That got sorted out  and we moved along and things seemed rather smooth until we wrapped last week. A small amount of you reached out in various ways to suggest you were a tad lost in the strip when it wrapped and that seems to be due to the fact that -some- long time readers of my work haven’t let go of Madbury. I’m here to tell you to Let It Go… you know how that song goes. [grin]  That was a blueprint, not a final draft and with this new comic, I can polish it so it glows. When the bus left the station to take you away from Madbury to Of Moose And Men, some of you missed the bus, so I’m going to try to get you back on board.

Of Moose And Men, when it launched, moved Hodge back in time to an earlier stage in his life before he had married Mel. The goal of the reboot was to literally start them fresh, so I could fix the mistakes and the learning curves of writing and drawing a comic. This comic is the official, not going to change anything as I go, version of their story. Instead of Madbury capturing them in the middle of their lives, this comic catches them back when it began. So, the essence of Madbury, a comic some of you read before this, is still palpable to you, but not specifically being served the same way. I’ve altered some names, introduced new characters and plugged the holes I felt needed filling in. I always appreciate feedback from readers about the comic and will always respond to you when you express yourself. I’ll toss a few bullet points out below and if there are still questions, ask them. So as you continue reading, this is the bus you’ll want to ride, as it’s the only one in service until I’m done making this one.

Hodge Madbury is now Hodge Wetherbee. [to disconnect readers from previous comic]
Tula and Melody [formerly Melinda] are sisters to their mother Willa Waddilove [formerly Maggie May]
Domino’s last name was changed to D’Angelo for this strip
Mr. Noseworthy was Mr. Bigotto in previous one.
Malagash and Squirrel are new additions, as well as *Tula.
All cast members are about 10 years younger than they were in previous comic.

All of this is most likely unneeded to about 90% of you, but if your taking the time to read it and to enjoy it, then I’ll give you whatever information you desire to ride this bus with ease! [meep-meep]