While I’ve been working behind the scenes adjusting things to enhance Of Moose Of Men going forward, you’ll notice a few relatively minor changes. The comic archives have been updated to reflect the new comic panel design, allowing me to provide a better presentation when making comics for you. Also, moose went under the knife and had a little work done. Slight adjustment to his facial features, updated nose, more pronounced jaw line and a nice, big, perky rack on his… head![smirk]

This’ll likely be the tee design when I get to re-focus on that little project, but for now, we have about a month of non stop activity before another brief break and then we’ll continue this chapter through, til early December when it wraps and we go on holiday til mid January. 2015 will bring a change in delivery of the comics content, I’m looking at releasing entire chapters at once, a few times a year, rather than week after week. I’ll be working the details of how that will work as time goes on, I have kinks in the plan I need to smooth out! New comics roll out again this Monday! You can make this image [below] your desktop background, just right-click to view full size [it gets bigger], save it and you’ll just need to set the background color of the image to your computer. Enjoy!